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Happy Birthday!
 RSVP volunteers who celebrate their birthday in November:

Bake, Betty

Knabenshue, Blanche

Riska, Anna

Camerini, Elizabeth

LaScola, Norma

Serafine, Louis

Carr, Beryl

Leach, Martha

Snodgrass, Geraldine

Crupe, Edna

McBride, Thomas

VanBevern, David M.

Dodasovich, Martha

McCann, Anna

VanCamp, Helen

Duffy, Jeannie

Mead, Ray

Vidich, Catherine

Foster, Gloria

Mendel, Diana

Visnic, Barbara A.

Guire, Anita V.

Pievach, Judy

Walters, Billy

Hartung, Louise

Postlethwait, Barbara

Warzynski, Mary

Jewell, Rhea

Riedel, Elizabeth

Wiggins, Shirley

RSVP Fundraisers


Quilt Raffle - Margaret Freshwater so kindly donated a beautiful handmade fall quilt, stop in the RSVP office and see it! $1.00 a Ticket, winner announced at Christmas Dance

2007 Trip Schedule - Mark your Calendar

Sights & Sounds of New York

(November 26-29, 2007) $749/person (Room for last Minutes!) Pre-registered and travel show at Brooke County Senior Center 1:30 p.m. with Wendt Touring.

Tournament of Roses Parade & Southern California - (December 29, 2007 - January 3, 2008) $1599/person

RSVP Welcomes new Advisory Council Members

Hattie Adams
Mrs. Kristin Bowman Cross
Dr. Carmel Esposito
Margaret Freshwater
Mrs. Kathy Santoro


Senior Corps (RSVP-FGP-SCP) Project Directors from across the country met in Washington DC to do Strategic Planning for NSCA and visited our congressmen.

Senior Corps (RSVP-FGP-SCP) Project Directors from across West Virginia met in Snowshoe at the WVSCDA State Director’s conference.             

RSVP will be teaming up with AmeriCorp*VISTA’s Scherri Yost to host the 2007 Christmas Dance/ Service Project, December 8, 2007 at 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.  Dance will be open to the public, guest will be asked to bring two canned food items or one new toy.  Dance will be held at the Brooke County Senior Center.  

Look for your invitations in the mail!

   Look for Scherri Yost to be on Comcast Newsmakers in November.  Comcast Newsmakers provides free forum for non-profit organizations to present events and issues important to the Ohio Valley.  Comcast Newsmakers can be seen at :25 and :55 minutes past the hour on CNN Headline News, Channel 33.  




Please welcome:  Diana Mendel, Anna Wandling, and
Molly Lamone

A Special Thank You

RSVP would like to extend a heart-felt thank you to the Applefest Volunteers.  (Booth raised $211.55)

Booth Volunteers:
Hattie Adams, Naomi Baker, Roy Brown, Edith Cooper, Frances Eafrati, Albert Ficca, Doris Ficca, Martha Gonzales, Dorothy Gorman, Mossie Hanselman, James Hupka, Woody Lazear, Thomas McBride, Diana Mendel, Helen Moren, Judith Norberg, Ron Norberg, Carol Northcraft, Kathy Santoro, Julia Stankovich, Clara Sullivan, Mary Tennant, Linda Vidoni, Billy Walters, Sally Walters, Eileen Wood and Jack Yost.
Hattie Adams, Sarah Debnar, Flo Cassella, Jackie Griffin, Louise Guisto, Patricia Huffner, Sonya Metz, Mavis Roush, Jean Grishkevich, Shirley Wiggins, Nancy Waugh

Margaret Freshwater – Corn Husk pins and Quilt’s and garden vegetables.

Thank you Bill Kocher and Bobby Johnson for offering to help as a guest RSVP volunteer with setting up and/or tearing down the Applefest and Christmas in the Park booths.

The RSVP Advisory Council “SURVEY COMMITTEE” will be contacting a few Volunteer’s and Volunteer Station Supervisor’s to ask some questions.  Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated!

Help Needed

·         Volunteers are needed at the Weirton Christian Center.  Duties will be School Mentor or Office Assistant.

·         Volunteers are needed to assist REACH with food distribution.  Third Wednesday of every month at 9:00 a.m.

·         Volunteers are needed to assist the Alzheimer’s Support Group at the Wellsburg Library on November 8, 2007 at 6:30 p.m.

·         Volunteers are needed at the Mary H. Weir Library to assist with Children’s Story Hour.  Duties will be assisting with crafts and child assistance.  Story Hour will start on October 2, 2007 from        1-2 p.m.

·         Look for more volunteer opportunities on and

RSVP would like to extend a heart-felt thank you to the Christmas in the Park Volunteers.  (Booth raised $215)

Booth Volunteers:
Pat Accettolo, Hattie Adams, Janet Benzo, Maxine DiPalma, Martha Dodasovich, Helen Dunope, Linda Faith, Pat Farley, Virginia Forker, Gloria Hartman, Pat Hensley, Louise Herman, Helen Moren, Martha Hukill, Thomas McBride, Ruth Sperry, Billy Walters, Sally Walters
Hattie Adams, Flo Cassella, Edith Cooper, Jackie Griffith, Jean Grishkevich, Patricia Huffner, Caroline Lantz, Sonya Metz, Mavis Roush, Catherine Vidich, Nancy Waugh

Frances Ford, Mary Tennant, Margaret Freshwater