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Birkhimer, Carolyn

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  RSVP Fundraisers

Community Days Booth – July 11 – 13, 2008

* Kelly will be calling for booth volunteers and craft donations. FREE File of Life Packets to be handed out.

*$20.00 Kroger Cares Rebate Program
*Ponderosa Steakhouse of Weirton Community Rebate Program. 
*Recycling Ink Cartridges/Old Cell Phones (Your cell phone may provide the critical link between law enforcement and someone in trouble.) Your donation will help the National Sheriff’s Association, the National Assoc. of Triads and the 911 Cell Phone Bank provide emergency communications to senior’s and victims of abuse in your community.


RSVP 2008 Trip Schedule –  (Changes in Red)
NIAGARA FALLS September 25, 2008 - Price $79
($30 Deposit to reserve seat, final payment due May 1, 2008)

SMOKY MOUNTAIN SHOW  - Sept. 22 - 26, 2008 - Price $449
($75 Due Upon Signing - Final Payment Due 8/13/08)

NATIONAL PARKS of ARIZONA & UTAH - August 22-30, 2008
...9 Days - Price: $1999/double

($250 Due Upon Signing - Final Payment Due 6/13/08)

NEW YORK CITY  - Redeye Bus Tour - September 6, 2008
($30 Deposit to reserve seat, final payment due July 20, 2008)

FLORIDA 2009 - January in Sunny Florida - Price: $2099/double (DISCOUNT 5% for EARLY SIGNUP)
details on:

RSVP Projects:
Children’s Books  - Operation READ: Statewide Book Drive
Yarn – RSVP Christmas Project
Mystery Books/Magazines – Brightwood Center (32 Books collected to date)
Men's Clothing, Infant clothing up to 2T and Bedding to be given to Appalachian Outreach.

Look for the CERT classes to begin in August or September.  RSVP will be working with the Citizens Corp Group.

Welcome Volunteers
Please welcome: Judy A. Sargus, Kathy R. Gill, Joseph Bechtel, Sally Starko, Ralph Cox

RSVP – Thank You's
A special thank you to the Overbrooke Quitters who donated four quilts to local high school graduates.

A thank you to Mr. Tim Elson for volunteering to assist RSVP with set up of the network switch and donation of new hardware for the new Windows Office 2008 server.

A thank you to the City of Follansbee for providing a spaghetti dinner to all members at the second meeting of the Community Watch Program  and information packets, also to John Schwertfeger, Follansbee Chief of Police  for the presentation.

RSVP – Volunteers in Action

Mary Schwertfeger, Chairperson of RSVP Advisory Council and Maggie Stewart Vice-Chairperson attend the 2nd Meeting for Community Watch Program in Follansbee.

Jackie Vacheresse, Vera Teeters Morton assist at the RSVP booth for Discover Brooke County. 


Volunteers Needed
* 4 needed to assist the City of Follansbee with painting park benches. 
4 needed at the Hancock County Senior Center to assist in Kitchen Area.  Alternate Monday – Friday   11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
* To quilt at Overbrooke Quilters – Wednesday 9:00 – 12:00 a.m.
* Brooke County Committee on Aging is needing volunteers to serve at local nutrition sites.
Home Delivered Meals - Wheeling needs Delivery Volunteers Thurs & Fri  (2 hours 10 a.m.-12 noon).


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