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To the following RSVP volunteers who celebrate their birthday in July:

Adams, Hattie

DeAngelis, Terre

Loughman, Chuck

Bainbridge, Mary

Donohue, Lucy

Lyke, Eleanor

Beatty, Ann

Eddy, Bessie

Miller, Lucille A.

Birkhimer, Carolyn

Fair, Betty

Mossor, Gynith

Bowman, Irene

Farley, Pat

Savastone, Annette

Brier, Loretta

Ficca, Doris

Schoolcraft, Wesley

Burkhart, Donald

Kocher, Isabelle

Thornton, Adda B.

Bush, Wanda

Konkle, Rena

Waugh, Connie

Clark, Rose

Leoni, Mary

Weigel, Sondra

Cummings, Mary Jane

Lewis, Flora

Wojcicki, Myral

RSVP Fundraisers

* Kroger Cares Rebate Program

* Those of you who are Internet savvy.  Please help us by clicking on the Ads by Google links or Google Search bar on  RSVP gets money for clicks or use of the search bar.  Thanks.
* Ponderosa Steakhouse -
Just sign the back of your receipt RSVP.  Thank you.

* Home Interior – (Orders Due July 2, 2007) Stop in the RSVP office and see display items. 

CHANGE Inc. Needs Assessment Survey

Change Inc. is asking for you help in completing a County Needs Assessment Survey.  You can access the survey online or call 304.527.3410 to receive a copy.  Thank you. 

 Thank You

A Special THANKS to our guest speaker: State Director, Kathleen Roedersheimer.  We truly enjoyed your speaking.

Mel Vorhees is the first recipient of the first “Donna J. Weaver Volunteer of the Year Service Award”

Mel has put in 973 hours of volunteer service since joining the program in 1994.  Mel is an excellent and dependable worker.  Thank you Mel for your dedication to RSVP.  We appreciate all you do.

2007 Recognition Awards

20 Year Recipients

Henry Lawrence            Connie Waugh

15 Year Recipients

           Marjorie Melott             Anna Riska

Please welcome:  Flora Lewis, Pat Farley, Bernard E. Hunt, Pearl I. Temple, Francis Eafrati, Paula Billick

Recognition Luncheon

RSVP workers helping setup the volunteer recognition luncheon.  Thank You!

2007 Trip Schedule - Mark your Calendar

Chicago - Gem of Lakes - (August 27-30, 2007) $599/Person
Sights & Sounds of New York
(November 26-29, 2007) $749/person
Tournament of Roses Parade & Southern California - (December 29, 2007 - January 3, 2008) $1599/person

SUGAR CREEK DAY TRIP – June 29, 2007

Up and Coming Events

  • CERT Homeland Security Class has been changed to August the exact date will be announced later.  New director is Rob McMahan with the Follansbee Fire Department will be teaching.  Classes will be open to the public all ages are welcome.
  • The Brooke County Fair Board would like Volunteers for Sept 7, 8 and 9 of 2007
  • Community Days - July 13, 14 and 15, 2007 (RSVP plans to have a booth)
  • Christmas In the Park - October 13, 14 2007 (RSVP plans to have a booth).

AARP Driving Courses - Call RSVP to register. $10.00/person

10 Year Recipients

Hattie Adams                Clara Sullivan

5 Year Recipient

Wanda Bush                 Louise Hartung                          Penny Clark                 Martha Hukill                             Edith Cooper                William Lantz                             Annie Davison              Norma LaScola                         Lucy Donohue               Lorraine Manger                        Frances Ford                Carol Northcraft                          Nancy Forester           Florence Orban                         Margaret E. Foster        Billy Walters                              Ruby Greathouse

                  2007 PRESIDENTIAL AWARDS

Patricia Accettolo            Naomi Baker                         Mary Lou Batcho              Anne Beatty                        Robert Beatty                   Lee Beckner                          Paul Billiard                    Margaret Cervenak                Mary Jane Cummings      Frances Ford                   Margaret Foster                Stella Gettinger                        Veronica Gilkey               Jackie Griffin                      Mossie Hanselman           Louise Hartung                        Louise Herman                John Jonczak                      Gloria June                      Etta Kirkbride                        Rene Konkle                   William Konkle                     Dolores Krinock               Martha Leach                        Gerald Long                    Al Mandy                            Beulah McGowan            Evelyn McMasters            Florence Orban               John Palavido, Jr.               Ronald Penrod                Barbara Postlethwait            Hazel Powell                   Ed Rochinich                       Frances Rodocker         Robert Rodocker                Margaret Rojack              Virginia Roseberry             Dorothy Saffle                Rose Sanders                     Wesley Schoolcraft         Roberta Schramm                Nancy Scott                   Geraldine Snodgrass               Julia Stankevich              Lola Starvaggi                     Nancy Tarr                      Mary Tennant                  Jacqueline Ward            Shirley Wiggins

If your name is in red, please call the office to make arrangements to pick up your certificate… Thank you.